Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Route, as of 14:27 Z today

The weather continues to be a confounding issue in Southern Alberta. If you read about the recent tragic rock concert, you understand our concern. We need to re-route. Eli has chosen a more Northerly route to get us around it. Rather than flying to Edson or Edmonton on our first leg, we'll be flying to Grande Prarie via Williams Lake. Now we just have to watch for NOTAMs (Notice to Air Man) about the forest fire in Lilloet - we'll likely be vectored all over the place avoiding the smoke.

Day One

CYVR (Vancouver) to BASRA (Waypoint) to GARRE (Waypoint) to YWL (Williams Lake).
YWL (Williams Lake) to YQU (GP NDB) to CYQU (Grande Prarie).

We're both excited. Eli is upstairs printing out routing information, i've just been packing our clothes. Given the extremely limit weight restrictions, we've each bought a MEC 40Litre pack. It's much smaller than it sounds - this is a small pack! We'll arrive in Europe, but we we'll have one outfit that isn't designed for the North in summer time. I'm trying to find the eye covers British Air gives out - we've got them around somewhere - because it is perpetually sunny up North in the summer, of course. Incredible to imagine that we might be in Ranken Inlet on Wednesday night! Back to the packing....

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