Thursday, August 6, 2009

We are North of 60!

Travelling to the North is like reading Margaret Atwood. You know you should do it, because it will make you a better Canadian. But, you don't realize how wonderful it is going to be until you actually just jump in and do it.

Today we flew from Stony Rapids to Rankin Inlet. It was remarkably desolate, which I expected, I just didn't realize the sheer expanse of the landscape. It is barren, but not entirely. We did not fly over ice and snow, but over vast green tundra with brown rocky sections. There are literally thousands of lakes. I saw no wildlife in 3.5 hours of flying, with the exception of one lone white goose.

Rankin inlet is great. It's tiny but extremely alive - everyone is moving around, there are four wheelers zipping all over town with adorable inuit children smiling and waving away. Folk are incredibly friendly, which is what we've heard about the North. It's a delight to be here. Getting fuel was an adventure, which I'm sure Eli will blog about. Time to eat my $30 fish and chips!

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